Deborah Services (Thailand) Limited is a contractor with expertise in both offshore and onshore and is recognized, trusted by many multi discipline industrial services both inside and outside the country with a long and continuous employment.  We currently have more than 100 completed projects and still ongoing projects such as….

Client Project Name Type of Work Work Area Contract Start
Esso (Thailand) Plublic Company LimitedESSO Refinery -Support Structure for Inner Screen for R-3405ScaffoldingOnshoreAugust 2020
Vattana Phaisal Engineering Co., Ltd.LNG - Canada ProjectPFPOnshoreAugust 2020
PTT Exploration and Production Public Co., Ltd.Supply for Insulation (GBS-MOD-17031)InsulationOffshoreJuly 2020
LS Engineering and Construction Co.,LtdGBS-WRK-19004 REPAINTING AND REPLACING INSULATION OF 2F-4340 (PPS)InsulationOffshoreJune 2020
Visavakit Patana Corp., Ltd.Manpower Services for VIPCOManpowerOnshoreJune 2020
CES Engineering & Maintenance Services Co., Ltd.GBN-WRK-20004 H-3735 Painting & Insulation RepairInsulationOffshoreJune 2020
Medco Energi Thailand (Bualuang) LimitedCOVID19 Quarantine of offshore workers before traveling offshore.ManpowerOnshoreMay 2020
Spacco Cooling Tower Industry Co., Ltd.Thai Asahi Kasei Spandex Cooling Tower RepairingScaffoldingOnshoreMay 2020
Beerenberg DSL Ltd.Insulation Work Shops and Insulation services for Johan Sverdrup Phase 2 ProjectInsulationOnshoreMarch 2020
HammerSmith Ltd.Lord ProjectScaffoldingOnshoreMarch 2020
Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production., Ltd.Offshore ProjectInsulationOffshoreJanuary 2020
AusGroup Corporation Co., Ltd.Rental rates of scaffolding short tubeScaffoldingOnshoreOctober 2019
CUEL LimitedExxonMobil BLADE Project ISBLPFP, Painting, ScaffoldingOnshoreOctober 2019
Tantawan Construction and Service Co., Ltd.Insulation Service / Bualuang Phase 4 Alpha & Bravo, Brownfield and Charlie Integration
/ COVID19 Quarantine of offshore workers before traveling offshore
Insulation, Painting, ManpowerOnshore & OffshoreAugust 2019
Unithai Shipyard & Engineering Ltd.Manpower Services for UnithaiManpowerOnshoreJune 2019
Ophir Thailand (Bualuang) LimitedREQ-013097 - 2 Years Painting Services (2019-2020)PaintingOnshore & OffshoreJune 2019
Aibel (Thailand) LimitedJohan Sverdrup Phase 2PFPOnshoreJune 2019
Thai International Dockyard Co., Ltd.Scaffolding services for Tank No. 5 & 6ScaffoldingOffshoreMay 2019
Willich Serveices & Construction Co., Ltd.Scaffolding Services for SPRC and ESSOScaffoldingOnshoreApril 2019
SPIE Oil & Gas Services (Thailand) Ltd.PTTEP S1ScaffoldingOnshoreJune 2017
Thai Nippon Steel Engineering & Construction Corperation Ltd.Brownfield Project / Common Project / A3C Project / Manora MN059 Project
/ Additional work for NY-087
Scaffolding / Manpower / InsulationOffshore / OnshoreSeptember 2015