Scaffolding and Access

We supply scaffolding and access services to  meet the local access and egress needs for onshore fabrication yards, new builds, offshore hook-ups, shut downs and maintenance works.

Service Details

We are one of the few companies in the Region to offer British Standard materials and construction methods

We retain highly trained and experienced manpower under expert supervision to deliver our access scaffolding services to the onshore and offshore sectors. We stock only British Standard materials and construction methods follow the BS & CITB standards.

All scaffolding personnel receive rigorous training, assessment and certification at our in house training facility the training strictly follows the C.I.T.B. and the N.A.S.C recommendations and the syllabus covers the erection, modifications, inspection and dismantling of various types of scaffolding structures erected in tube and couplers meeting the requirements of BS EN12811-1- T G 20-13.

  • Working at Height
  • Rescue from Height
  • Basic Part One – Tube and Coupler
  • Basic Part Two – Tube and Coupler
  • Basic Scaffold Inspection – Tube and Coupler
  • Full body Safety Harness and Lanyard Inspection
  • Offshore Regulations are covered in the Part Two Course

This course must be attended by all Scaffold trainees before attending any scaffold training.

Trainees will be taught how to Don his/her full body safety harness correctly, and what to look for when carrying out an inspection of all Webbing, Dorsal rings, Buckles, Energy absorber and Lanyards before Donning.

Trainees will be instructed in the dangers associated with working at height and instructed in the correct methods of avoiding suspension trauma and administering first aid.

Trainees will be instructed in the approved method of Rescue from Height.

  • Work at height health and safety awareness SG-4-15
    Product familiarization.
    Erect and dismantle a 2 lift 6m General Purpose Independent.
    Erect and dismantle a 2 lift 9m General Purpose Independent to teach the correct distance Ledger sleeves must be placed.
    Erect and dismantle a 2 lift12m General Purpose Independent with a 9m return.
    Erect and Dismantle a 2 lift Birdcage Scaffold.
    Erect and Dismantle a Static tower with SG-4-15.
    Erect and Dismantle a Mobile tower with SG-4-15
    Fixing of Gin Wheel.
  • Work at height health and safety awareness S.G-4-15
  • New regulation’s (if any) with working at height.
  • Erect and dismantle a 6m General Purpose independent with fixing SG-4-15 Guardrails.
  • Ladder openings with Guardrails and Ladder Grab rail.
  • The correct and safe methods of erecting, modifying and dismantling a Cantilever drop scaffold.
  • Erect and dismantle a Truss-out scaffold.
  • Heavy Duty Loading Bay using prefabricated beams with the aid of drawings.
  • Use of Prefabricated Beams and Unit beams.
  • Staircase constructed from Tube and Coupler
  • Tubular drop scaffold from ‘H’ and ‘C’ beams.
  • Guardrail Edge Protection conforming to BS EN 13374
  • Interpretation of simple drawings